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TSA, Rectal, Vaginal Cavity Searches Now Standard Procedure.

Future date Nov, 10 2011

After the FAA discovered a known terrorist, Abdul Gotabombinmybutt, was responsible for bringing down United flight 808 the TSA will now conducts cavity searches on all air travelers on all domestic flights within the United States.

“Yes, we have known that this was a possibility and that our scanners and aggressive pat down procedures could in no way thwart such an attack” said TSA official Phillip Urspouse.

TSA Cavity Search

The BATF working closely with FAA investigators were able to reconstruct exactly how Abdul Gotabombinmybutt, who was travelling under the assumed name John Doe, was able to bring down flight UA808.

“We think he simply formed a pound of Composition 4 plastic explosive into a phallic shape, inserted a detonator with a micro timer attached to a miniature watch battery. He subsequently slid the device into a condom and used the popular lubricant Astro Glide™ to facilitate insertion into his rectum” said FAA investigator Don T. Havaclue.

One TSA official stated off the record, “Everyone with a shred of common sense knew that the scanners and pat downs of 6 year olds, Nuns and wheelchair bound senior citizens were just a waste of time and precious resources, and is certainly a violation of the People’s 4th amendment rights. This being said, it seems that the fortunes made by Rapiscan, the Chertoff Group and heavily lobbied Congressmen took precedence over that ‘damn piece of paper”; that is the Constitution of the United States of America. It was also a substantial part of the “make work” program for the TSA; now unionized under the SEIU.”

All U.S. airlines are now insolvent and are awaiting the final say on how the U.S. government will seize their assets and redistribute them between various Labor Unions.
However, the White House did release the name of the newly consolidated airline, “Ameriflot”

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New Uniforms, TSA Spokesman: “Jes Keepin’ it Real”

New TSA uniforms scheduled to roll out prior to the holiday travel season will put travelers more in the sadomasochistic mind set.
This should speed the line up said Phillup Urspouse a TSA officer at DFW.
TSA Uniforms

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Obama bin Biden

You have to remember that smart people don’t make slips like this.
I wonder if he has had his daughters circumsized yet?
Is Michelle his only wife? You decide.

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Wes Clark is a human turd!

If you ever wondered what a piece of sh/t of a half o’ man puke Wes Clark is, listen to this video.

At 3:50 he starts laying out a scenario about the agony, he as a commander has had to go thru in making critical decisions.

At 4:00 in to it, he really lets us in to his soul with the key words “what about your reputation, How do you handle it publicly?”

That shows you that he is a real “cover your ass kind of guy”. Wessy boy is. A real leader never has a concern about his reputation, you do what is right because it is just that right, reputation be damned!

He is truly an ass bag, kiss ass, bottom feeder.

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Waggin’ the Dog

Hucks 2cents
“Jeremiah Wright needs for Obama to lose so he can justify his anger, his hostile bitterness against the United States of America,” Huckabee told reporters following a fundraiser for Montana gubernatorial candidate Roy Brown.
“If it’s not true that a man, because of his color, is held back and can’t be president, then so much of what Jeremiah Wright has said is invalid,” Huckabee said…
“His (Obama’s) campaign is not being derailed by his race, it’s being derailed by a person who doesn’t want him to prove that we have made great advances in this country,” Huckabee said.
Dirks 2cents
Huckabee is an idiot!!! Here’s the Deal. The Hon. Rev. Bishop Apostle Afro-centric Dr. MBA Self-proclaimed Genius Revolutionary Moo-Moo wearing Dashiki Proud and Unapologetically Black Nation of Islam supporting Humble Christian Man Wright is just distancing Himself from Obama just like they strategized. The more Obama is correlated to this Nut-Job Wright the less chance he has to become the first black President.. And remember folks, the fact that he is Afro-whatever is the sole criterion for his right to be so. What makes you think that Wright would’nt want it any other way. I can tell you this much, if Obama does win the Presidency, you’ll be hearing and seeing alot of Wright in relation to Obama.

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Old Mother Russia

Young Hillary studies hard with her Comradsky

MOSCOW - Vladimir Putin congratulated his hand-picked successor on his apparent presidential election victory Sunday and said the win would guarantee the continuity of the course Putin set for Russia. Dmitry Medvedev, who had about 65 percent of the vote in early results, appeared alongside his mentor in Red Square and vowed to pursue Putin’s policies. “Such a victory carries a lot of obligations,” Putin said from the open-air concert stage outside the Kremlin. “This victory will serve as a guarantee that the course we have chosen, the successful course we have been following over the past eight years, will be continued.” Medvedev is expected to formally take over as president in May, and Putin has agreed to be his prime minister, the second highest post in Russia. “We will be able to preserve the course of President Putin,” Medvedev said.

Am I alone in expecting Russia to return to Communism? I have a strong gut feeling that Russia will return to her former “glory” and we’ll once again be at odds with the Red-Bastards. So let’s see, China check, North Korea check, Russia… very soon. It’s enevitable when their Government is being ran with “ex-KGB” brass. Anyways, rest assured the recent elections were staged.

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Obama Rocks!

Obama is the hippest, coolest candidate EVAH!
Rock on Obi Won

Actually I photoshopped that.

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Ms. Minuteman meets Chelsea

Chelsea hobnobs with Ms. Minuteman while visiting Hawaii.
While watching the local news with a rather liberal minded companion of mine, an announcement for the Hilary 08 campaign came on: our precious former first daughter was going to be making her rounds on the Oahu front. My friend was baffled at my excitement; I was a little surprised as well. I explained to him that I absolutely had to go to one of her scheduled appearances and say hello.

The next day, I left my cozy house on the Windward side for the hustle and bustle of the Hawaii Kai Zippy’s parking lot. I was anxious to survey the area and determine how I was going to get my picture taken with her.

As for the parking lot, I’d never seen so much wool, the herd was so thick. All walks of Hillary supporters were represented. The old, hippy woman with her ukulele trying to get a group chant going was there; needless to say her witty rendition of “Give Peace a Chance” blaring for all to hear didn’t catch on. The old, hippy woman’s faithful sidekick was present, buck tooth, crusted over with day old saliva lips and all. Our feminists, environmentalists, gays, and of course the short, stout men with wild facial hair ranging from fluffy chops to stringy mustaches were all there oozing with their unconditional, irrational love for the Clintons.

Upon arrival of Chelsea, I made my way over to the swarm and managed to squeeze past her adoring crowd and pose for a smile.

After the commotion settled down and Chelsea entered the restaurant, I vacated the premises with due speed. Having satisfactorily obtained my picture with Ms. Clinton and my Deport Pedro shirt, I felt as though my deed had been done. My next goal is to vote, couple more weeks to go.
Here @

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Dumbest bastard on earth!

I feel sorry for this dumb bastard and all that affirmative action brings.

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Arizona Schools packin’ Heat?

PHEONIX (AP) ― A committee of the Arizona Legislature is weighing arguments made today over a proposal to let people with permits to carry concealed weapons bring guns to K-12 schools, community colleges and universities.

The Senate’s Judiciary Committee listened to more than two hours of testimony about the proposal, but didn’t take a vote.

The testimony came four days after a gunman opened fire during a lecture at Northern Illinois University, killing five young people before turning a gun on himself.

Supporters say the permit-holders should be allowed to carry guns at schools so they can defend themselves and others if a gunman starts shooting people and police haven’t yet arrived at the scene.

This is fantastic and I hope that it comes into fruition. Any non-felon that is of legal age should be allowed to carry a handgun in order to protect themselves or others. The simple fact is that murderers are given a greenlight to mow down “defenseless” people by laws that are supposedly designed to protect us. Arizona isn’t considering a revolutionary new idea but rather a revolutionary OLD idea that was guaranteed as a right by our Founding Fathers. In any case, it’s a breath of fresh air.

Opponents say police officers urgently responding to a school shooting might have difficulty distinguishing innocent permit-holders from the gunman.

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