Henry’s Law explaining Co2 and Libs explain their agenda

What the non scientist either forgets or doesn’t have a clue of in the first place, is Henry’s Law. Henry’s law, simply put is that liquids (the oceans) dissolve gas ( Co2 ) as they cool and release it back in to the atmosphere as the warm. You will note a lagging correlation on any co2/temperature chart. As temps go up so does the atmospheric co2 and thusly as the temperature lowers so does the Co2.
The Suns output is the main driver of our temperature, as it is on Mars. Unfortunately Mars does not have enough of the most powerful and prevalent greenhouse gas of them all; water vapor.

But there is no way to enlighten the Church of Global Warming zealot, for he “believes” the high Reverend Al Gore. You can always be sure of this, when someone believes, as opposed to actually knowing something, no amount of proof will ever persuade him.

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