December 2007


When our nation trains its military, it is normal and expected that we do not wear kid gloves. I was subjected to some rather intense procedures of physical and mental training as are all Marines. It is necessary to use hard methods to train hard individuals to do hard things. I am not complaining; I consciously signed up for the deal. But imagine for a moment if you were a young lad of thirteen and out of the blue you have a Commissioned Officer holding the field grade rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army berating you, making false accusation about you, calling you a liar and threatening you with physical assault.

The following I relate to you for the purpose of reporting the events as they happened as there seems to be no place to file a report.

On Dec.10 2007, Assistant Principal Susan Carpenter at League City Intermediate called me at my place of business and asked that I call back at my earliest convenience. Before I could return her call, the school’s nurse, Ms. Mary Ponder, called me. Ms. Ponder informed me that my son, Race West, was complaining of chest pains. She proceeded to take his vitals and found that all was well except for a slightly elevated heart rate. I then questioned her as to why Assistant Principle Carpenter had called me earlier and if the two calls were related, she said ‘she didn’t know’ and asked if I wanted to speak to my son directly. I asked my son what the Assistant Principle wanted and he then related a quick tale of horror.

He mentioned that the ROTC instructor at his school had accused him of prank calling over the weekend; it was upon this accusation when Race proclaimed his innocence and was then called a liar by the ROTC instructor. When Race continued to protest to the now multiple accusations, he raised his finger to give emphasis on his veracity; the Good Lt. Colonel Hudson (U.S. Army) then said that he would break Race’s finger for pointing it.

Needless to say, it was at this point in my son’s story when I became enraged. I told Race to put me back on with the Nurse so she could transfer me to this “man among boys” However, I had to leave a message with a secretary for him instead.

But I never received a call from the coward. Instead, I got a call from the principal, Mrs. Kimberly Brouillard. Mrs. Brouillard informed me that she was accompanied by Officer (Mac) Macintosh, ‘the cop to the school’ and Lt. Col Hudson (U.S. Army), ROTC instructor for the school, and ask permission to put me on speakerphone; I agreed. Lt Col. Hudson (U.S. Army) began telling me his version of the events and said that he was sorry for saying that he would break my son’s finger. I told him that his conduct was “unsatisfactory and that when you threaten my child with bodily injury, I would come up there and whip your ass!”

When I returned home that evening, I asked Race to relay yet again what had happen and while my wife transcribed. There was one thing that Lt Col. Hudson (U.S. Army) left out of his statement his words were something to the effect of snapping my son’s neck.

When a field grade officer of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army threatens a powerless 7th grader that is not even a student under his charge with grievous bodily injury, it can rightly be compared to Abu Ghraib. Except this is worse because not only is my son not a prisoner, but Lt. Col. Hudson (U.S. Army) holds such an exalted office of trust and confidence that is not to be taken lightly. Certainly this is not representative of the U.S. Army’s Officer Corps. This is not the conduct of an officer and a gentleman.

The fact that a man wearing the same uniform that Alvin York and Audie Murphy wore is abusing his rank and position by terrorizing a 7th grader who is not even in ROTC is beyond the pale. This uniform that he disgraces has typically been worn by men that lift the weight of tyranny.

‘Conduct unbecoming,’ I guess, is one way to describe terrorizing a defenseless lad. But to whom can one report this? On December 11th, I attempted to make a report of this incident to the League City Police Department and they said it was outside of their jurisdiction. I was informed that I had to make my report to the liaison officer to the school (Macintosh) but when I asked Officer Macintosh if he had made a report of the previous day’s events, he said he had not. I told him I wanted to file a report. His response to my request was that if I filed a report, Lt. Col. Hudson (U.S. Army) would file suit against me for my remarks. This leads me to think that they had been in league formulating Lt. Col. Hudson’s (U.S. Army) options. So I can’t file my report with the Sheriff’s Deputy Macintosh as he would be a witness against me and most certainly hostile to my case.

What is truly amazing is that their two brains even working in concert can’t see the irrationality of their equating what I said to an adult whom threatened my son to a commissioned Officer in the United States Army wantonly and consciously threatening a helpless child.

As you can see, this chain of events has left my son in a position that he cannot go to school for fear of one Lt. Col. Hudson (U.S. Army). As it stands, we are going to bring my son’s lessons home so he won’t fall behind in his studies.

I would hope the CCISD school board would remove this abusive individual from campus and
I would expect the U.S. Army to take the necessary steps to relieve Lt. Col. Hudson’s (U.S. Army) from having command over children. The Army should decide if his conduct meets their standards as outlined in Articles 133 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

133: Conduct unbecoming an officer and a gentleman is an offense subject to court martial defined in the punitive code of the United States Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ).

The elements are as follows:

“That the accused did or omitted to do certain acts; and
That, in the circumstances, these acts or omissions constituted conduct unbecoming an officer and gentleman.[1]
Here “gentleman” is understood to include commissioned officers, cadets, and midshipmen, and Officer Candidates, of both sexes. A gentleman is understood to have a duty to avoid dishonest acts, displays of indecency, lawlessness, dealing unfairly, in decorum, injustice, or acts of cruelty.”

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