May 2007

George Bush It’s a Love Hate Thing

Sure, if you are a conservative like me( I consider G Gordon Liddy, Ted Nugent and Pat Buchanan to be moderates), GW is wearing thin. I concur with his stance on terror and tax relief. I’m afraid it is all academic now. Once he gives our country away to illegal aliens that will make all the sacrifices of every solder since the American revolution all for naught. But you do have to give ol’ George some credit. Anyone that can draw the ire of Jimmy Carter must be a saint. Think about it, Carter is a guy that thinks Castro and Chavez are great and benign leaders. He thinks his fellow Nobel prize winner Arafat was a noble peace maker. Carter is just a communist idiot like Michael Moore. Carter said on 05-19-07 that the Bush administration was the worst in history. Worse in what way I ask. I guess it is all relative. From Carter’s perspective, he is right. Carter hates low taxes, low unemployment, low interest rates, low inflation, high personal prosperity, high home-ownership and the DOW above 13000.

Bush has done a much better job at the war on terror, too. He has disrupted terrorists world wide and put them on the run. He has liberated Afghanistan from the Taliban. Women are no longer beaten and beheaded for showing an inch of skin on their wrist. He liberated 25 million Iraqis from Sadam Hussein, a Stalinist dictator who murdered untold tens of thousands of his countrymen . He did all that in 4 years and only had 3500+ KIAs. Shoot, from where I see it, that is remarkable. Let us compare that with the battle for Iwo Jima. Iwo only lasted about 1 month and we lost 6,821 souls. So the next time you hear some Commie bastard talking about casualties, remind them of Iwo. Here is the actual breakdown for that month.

Jima one month





& Air Units






& Dentists






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